The Proof of the Puddin’

The untold story of how Australian picture books change our lives.


Our childhood books shape our lives and culture forever. And their hidden agendas – when we discover them – tell us a lot about our nation and ourselves. Filled with subliminal messages about national identity, Indigenous rights, gender equality, politics, immigration and refugees, these little books we love and buy in the millions shape our future decision-makers at their most impressionable stage of life.

In THE PROOF OF THE PUDDIN’ Noni Hazlehurst travels through more than a century of popular Australian picture books, meeting highly diverse authors and artists whose books have influenced pivotal changes in our history. Each has their own unique story to tell – driven by passion, duty, rage, and unyielding determination – but they are all united by their desire to create change. And today, when the best selling Australian book of 2016 was a children’s book, their power to influence is booming.


But Noni discovers many threats challenging this crucial art form, and she wants to find out if this story will have a happy ending. This is the story that picture books don’t tell – how they write our nation’s story.


Writer & Director Amber McBride. Developed with the assistance of Screen Australia and Screen NSW.