The Proof of the Puddin’

The untold story of how Australian picture books change our lives.


Our childhood books shape our lives and culture forever. And their hidden agendas – when we discover them – tell us a lot about our nation and ourselves. Filled with subliminal messages about national identity, Indigenous rights, gender equality, politics, immigration and refugees, these little books we love and buy in the millions shape our future decision-makers at their most impressionable stage of life.

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Brazen Hussies

(Photo courtesy of Anne Roberts)


Brazen Hussies is a feature length documentary that rediscovers the rich history of the bold women who kick-started the Women’s Liberation Movement to Australia in the late 1960s and 1970s.


We are currently seeking to raise $20,000 to shoot time-critical interviews. Consider making a tax-deductible donation via the Documentary Australia Foundation.


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Down and Out in the Creative City

Film Camp and Scotland’s Faction North are developing a new feature documentary Down and Out in the Creative City (formerly The Creativity Complex), with support from Screen Australia and Creative Scotland. Written and directed by William Head, Down and Out in the Creative City asks leading thinkers and artists if ‘creativity’ really can regenerate our cities, reinvigorate our democracies and rebuild the post-industrial economy.

The Warmth

The Warmth is a lyrical, feverish story about Toby, a naive teenage farm boy, as he retraces his dead sister’s footsteps through the hedonistic backpacking trails of northern Colombia. In a crumbling Cartagena hostel, Toby meets Shona, a worldly Scottish backpacker, but as he encounters the fevers of love and desire for the first time, his past refuses to let him go.

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Criminal Skin

Ryan, a Indigenous man, and his Chinese girlfriend are taken hostage by an Arabic gunman in an ATM booth at the front of a closed bank – the same bank they all tried to rob earlier that day – and then the cops arrive. To get out alive, Ryan must work out who’s got the diamonds and who he can trust – inside and out.

Written & directed by Paul Oliver. Producers Philippa Campey and Tait Brady. Developed with the assistance of Film Victoria

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